Run WcfTestClient on a server that doesn’t have Visual Studio installed

It was so easy to test the old fashion .asmx web services from the production servers, since you could just grab the link, put it in a browser and a full fledged test you could run on it.

With the WCF services is not the same. If you just grab the link and open it in a browser, all what you get is a confirmation that the service it’s running properly, and how to use it in the client applications.

Here comes handy the WcfTestClient tool. Create a folder on the server and copy the next files in it from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE (path may wary, depending what OS/Visual Studio you have installed):


If you get an error related to VirtualTreeGrid assembly, just add the assembly to the GAC (Win+R) and add the path:


Copy the file Microsoft.VisualStudio.VirtualTreeGrid.dll into the same folder where you copied the files mentioned above.


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